Nutone intercom repair service in Atlanta

Are you looking for a Nutone intercom repair service in Atlanta Ga?

Nutone intercoms Atlanta Ga

It is wonderful to have an intercom system in your home, until the day it stops working. Then every time you pass a call station in your home you are reminded that you need to do something about this soon. Our friendly Nutone intercom repair service in Atlanta may be just the thing you are looking for.

Why do Nutone intercoms break down and stop working?

There may be several reasons why your Nutone intercom no longer functions.

  1. Lightning: Every time Atlanta gets hit with a lightning storm we get phone calls to repair intercom systems just like yours.
  2. Brown outs: The power company can cause fluctuations in the voltage near your home. The sudden spikes and drops in electrical voltage can prematurely wear your intercom parts out.
  3. Old age: Just like you and I don’t always work like we used to… Your nutone intercom wasn’t designed to last forever. Many Atlanta homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s have early nutone intercom models that provided many decades of faithful service but now no longer work anymore.

Can my nutone intercom be repaired?

That is a great question.

First, we will need a few pieces of information from you.

  1. What is your Nutone Model number?
  2. How many interior room stations do you have? (Don’t include the master station?)
  3. How many exterior door stations do you have?
  4. How many patio call stations do you have?

If you can’t find a model number then we may ask you to text us a picture. Once we have this  information we will tell you if your intercom can be repaired or what options you now have open to you.

Please contact us at 770-561-3178 to see how we can help you.