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Designing & Installing Georgia Intercom Systems  throughout  the metro Atlanta,

Are you tired of calling all of the family for dinner over and over again?

Do you miss the front door bell ringing while sitting on the back deck?

Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to people through out the house no matter what room they may be in?

Then You Will Definitely Enjoy The Benefits Of A Whole House Intercom System

What is an intercom system?

Imagine a series of data wires that are ran through the walls of  your home. Intercom call stations are placed at strategically located areas so that no matter where you stand in the house….you will be able to hear when someone calls your name or someone is at the front door.

A master control station or master control panel is then usually placed in the kitchen.

Your local friendly low voltage contractor in Atlanta would be happy to help you with this.

Benefits Of A Wole House Intercom System

  • Never have to answer the door again when you don’t know who it is…simply  speak through the Front door speaker  without having to open the door
  • Monitor a sleeping childs room. You will know the minute they wake up!

But it gets even better than that.

When I ask my clients what their favorite thing about having an Intercom system is, they usually say…

Music, Music, Music!

Imagine listening to beautiful music in every room of the house that has a call station. The intercom system equipped with music has been often called the “poor mans”  distributed audio system.

So even though your home may not be officially wired for Whole house audio…you may still be able deliver music in rooms that are wired for intercom stations.

We Have Chosen The M&S, Nutone & On-Q Intercom Systems To Offer To Our Clients

Nutone intercoms Atlanta Ga

legrand ON-Q intercom Atlanta

M&S Intercom Systems

Ready to improve communication through out your home?Why not call to discuss which one makes the most sense for you?

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